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About RV Transport 101

After years of transporting, and being profitable, we wondered why others were failing. The answer that kept presenting itself was that the new transporter was making mistakes. Costly mistakes that ate away at their bottom line.

These mistakes included improper hook-ups, pushing too hard or not hard enough, spending numerous thousands of dollars that could have been saved, not knowing traffic patterns, taking bad loads, and the list goes on and on.

History has proven that many RV transporters entered the industry with little or no experience. In turn they have lost money, equipment was damaged (be it their own or the unit they were transporting), all due to their lack of knowledge, and/or understanding of the industry.

When a transporter is contracted, he or she is put through an orientation. This orientation doesn't teach them to be a transporter (let alone a profitable one), it teaches the way the company wants things done (i.e. paperwork, check calls, dispatch...).

We have designed our RV Transport Training & Consulting Packages to benefit the new as well as the experienced RV Transporter. In addition we have our stand alone self-study tools such as the RV Transport Manual and the RV Transport eWorkshop that will assist the transporter as they begin or continue in their career.

The knowledge you'll gain from our RV Transport Training & Consulting Services comes from nearly two decades of transportation industry experience. This experience includes big trucks, being an owner operator, owning a small fleet, brokering, and of course RV transportation.

All RV Transport Training & Consulting Packages begin with one-on-onetraining, no matter your experience level. This assures that everyone is on the same page as we move forward. Below are many of the topics covered in the RV Transport training..

Choosing A Company


Driver Damage

Income Expectations


Truck Set-Up

DOT Requirements

Towing Essentials

Load Choice


Protecting Yourself




Finding Your Own Loads


Log Books


Your Own Authority

Fuel Surcharge

RV Transport 101 is part of TALTOA, one of the nations leading transportation and logistics consulting and training firms. Originally established in the mid 90's as a tool for those interested in becoming a freight broker, TALTOA quickly emerged as a training and consulting firm focused on transportation and logistics.

Today TALTOA provides services for freight brokers, freight broker agents, trucking companies, and RV Transportation. The products and services of TALTOA have literally assisted thousands of companies and individuals with start-up and turn-arounds.

In addition to our transportation and logistics training and consulting services, we offer our clients marketing assistance. So often we have found that clients originally chose our services due to their original needs, but found that although focused on their specific industry they were lacking basic marketing via a website.

In todays world the need for marketing via a website is vital for business success. No matter if an agent, contractor, or company each is an independent business and must be treated as such. A website for your business is a 24/7 marketing tool that allows those seeking your products or services to not only find you but also provide ways of contacting you.

Should you find you have any questions concerning our products or services, please call us at 800.582.4167.

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