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RV Transport

For nearly 10 years we have been training and consulting those wishing to transport RV's through our training and consulting services.

RV Transport Training and consulting services include RV Transport training at our facility or LIVE online, RV Transport Manuals, and the option of self-study.


"...I feel that this info needs to get in the hands of anyone who might even be thinking about getting in the [RV Transport] business."
M. Schrock - President Horizon Transport


RV Transport training allows you to learn not only the basics of working as a RV Transporter, but insights on how to be profitable as well. You'll gain knowledge from our nearly 20 years of commercial transportation industry experience that will prove invaluable as you begin working as an RV Transporter.


If you are considering working as an RV Transporter, this should be your 1st step!

RV Transport Consulting

RV Transport

Includes 2 days of training, at our location, in a classroom setting and a 3 month consulting period. more

RV Transport NT (No Travel)

Includes a 3 part LIVE Training Workshop via the internet & phone, and a 3 month consulting period. more

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